The Seductive Sphinx

The inn is a single storey timber framed building, with unusually low ceilings.

Inside, the space is filled with cushions and couches, and people lounge about or drink at the the bar. There are a few women inside, but they are scantily clad and fawning over the men who are there.

When you enter, an older human woman greets you. She has light brown skin, which probably would have been darker if she had spent any time in the sun, and mid-length, curly, dark brown. Her somewhat small green eyes seem shrewd as they size the party up. She’s a little short for a human, and very thin, but the two beefy guards that flank you look at her like guard dogs ready to obey their master. She introduces herself as Jahyl, the proprietor of the Seductive Sphinx, and asks what you would be interested in.

There are three girls and one boy that are not yet spoken for, for the night.

The first is a short human woman named Delwyn, who has light brown skin and short, curly auburn hair. Her small green eyes and thin frame show a strong resemblance to Jahyl. She eyes the men and women in the group with a sultry gaze.

The second is a very short dwarf named Tymar, who has medium brown skin and mid-length wavy brown hair. She has narrow chocolate colored eyes, and looks surprisingly muscular. She sizes up the men in the group with a challenging look in her eye.

The third woman is a small, pale pink gnome with fuchsia hair named Vajra Yana, but she introduces herself as simply Yana. She smiles brightly at everyone, dimples in her cheeks.

The human boy is short and muscular with light brown skin and long, light brown hair that curls around his face. His name is Elsbach, and he he has a mischievous glint in his large hazel eyes.
Companionship is 1 gp for the night

The Seductive Sphinx

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