Zyhaldergoldehaven Eirestrial Navatheil Schaldenscorthall II

Elf Noble and Verbal Sadist


A youthful elf of 109 years of age, Zyhalder stands at six feet and eight inches tall (although his people favor the metric system to imperial units, and they would describe him as just over two meters in height). Mercilessly supercilious and even caustic at times, Zyhalder carries an air of superiority that intimidates or even offends others, although he endeavors to treat his quest-mates with their due respect. Using his intellect as a resource, Zyhalder manipulates and negotiates with others to reach his goals, sometime augmenting these efforts with sorcery and hypnosis.


Sophisticated and remote, the ever-charismatic Zyhalder possesses extraordinary persuasive powers and a penchant for wry, sardonic wit. Having developed these talents in the company of aristocrats, nobility and landed gentry, Zyhalder relies on his clever tongue and quick thinking to control situations (and even amuse himself). On the surface he’s something of a hedonist, but an intricate and calculating mind lies behind this projected personality. He is most dangerous during his serious moments.

This being said, Zyhalder’s motivations are often unclear – a tactic of concealment that was undoubtedly learned by observing social circles at court. After all, one could not manipulate one’s favor among nobility while revealing the intent behind such maneuvers any more than one could expect to win a difficult gamble while displaying one’s cards. While Zyhalder was quite respected and favored by those beneath him, he was nevertheless a controversial figure and the frequent subject of rumors. The most circulated of these stories suggested that Zyhalder was a follower of Asmodeus, devoting long hours to the study of said deity. Others would argue that, if the rumors contained any truth at all, this was merely an intellectual fascination, one among many subjects of inquiry for an individual of his social status to contemplate in the course of his studies.

During his childhood, Zyhalder had no reported incidents worthy of particular note, and if there were any early controversies, these were insignificant and infrequent enough to escape notice, save one or two. While required to devote his early life to study, Zyhalder nevertheless demonstrated a desire to separate from his noble lifestyle, and on more than one occasion escaped his tutors to play in the streets with children of the lower classes. Appropriate measures were taken to curb these incidents, which were grotesque and unseemly for a child of his station. Whether Zyhalder reluctantly yielded to the authority of his tutors or internalized the social hierarchy into which he was born, Zyhalder eventually devoted himself to the study of physics, mathematics, geography, history, literature, philosophy and Arcane magic. As one might imagine, there were no further incidents of intermingling with undesirables. Zyhalder proved a good student in time, and took to his studies with zeal, eventually developing a taste for the approval of his teachers, though he sought more independent research as he advanced in years.

Zyhalder’s more recent past could accurately be described as more tumultuous, although how this may have altered his personality can only be discovered with time. While Zyhalder’s motives remain unclear, his present accompaniment with the party could only further advance his own goals.

Zyhaldergoldehaven Eirestrial Navatheil Schaldenscorthall II

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