Dodayn Agnyfleta

Female Drow in Madam Estella's


A female Drow with dusky purple skin and silver hair that shines in the light given off by the torches on the walls. She lounges by the bar, watching the singer on the stage with a serene smile. Only 123, Dodayn is a young adult, and claims to also be a member of the order of Illustrae. At 5’11”, Dodayn would be tall for a human, but short for an elf. She’s 140 pounds, which would still be slender by human standards, but is more curvaceous than most elves or drow.

She says that she has been wandering around the world up above, trying to meet people and show them a different side of the Drow race.

Her soul has been trapped and is owned by the Erodeamon Aurelia.

Dodayn Agnyfleta

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