Cadfael Celchu

Female Human Waitress at Madam Estella's


A Female Human with long curly blond hair and a large bust, she weaves around the room with a tray of drinks, laughing heartily with all of the patrons. Her blue eyes sparkle as brightly as her smile when she greets the party and invites them to sit wherever they wish. She apologizes that there aren’t more people in tonight, and blames it on the blizzard. She’s short, only 5’1” and 135 lbs, with a plump hourglass figure.


She’s only just turned 20, and loves working in a place where she gets to meet so many people and travelers.

You now know that her soul has been trapped and is owned by the Erodaemon that you fought at Madame Estella’s.

Cadfael Celchu

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