The Hammered Hound

The inn is a two-storey timber and brick building, with carved wooden doors and a large cellar.

A dwarf named Calanon works the bar. He’s pleasant in appearance with messy golden hair and dark grey eyes. He wears worn clothing and a wooden holy symbol of Iomedae. You find Calanon to be religious and reliable, and was kind and helpful to the party, especially Izril. He seemed troubled by Kanna.

At the bar, a human female soldier sits, nursing a tankard. She has thin copper hair and brown eyes. She wars scale mail and a mace hangs from her hip. The Party did not approach her.

A female halfling entertainer is singing on the stage. Her songs all sound sad, even the happy ones. She has braided hair and sharp amber eyes, and is wearing expensive clothing a a gold amulet. Hily Fusewind‘s parents were killed by vampires, and she has been living with her sister Widald ever since. Unfortunately, Widald had become obsessed with the idea that her parents were killed by vampires living in the ruins of Rehill Keep. She didn’t come home the night before, and Hily is worried about her. The town watch says that the keep is too far away (1 day) and dangerous to send their watchmen there, and Hily doesn’t want to lose her job at the tavern or be in danger herself. She promised the PC’s her parents’ gold amulet if they can return her sister safely.


  • Brown Ale (lightly hopped, mild flavor, nutty taste): 4 sp
  • Golden Ale (brewed w/malts): 3 sp
  • Stout Ale (roasted barley, w/raisin, espresso, liqourice or molasses): 3 sp
  • Mild Ale (less strong): 4 sp
  • Burton Ale (strong, dark, somewhat sweet): 2 sp
  • Old Ale (1yr old, sharp, acetic flavor): 5 sp
  • Stout (dark, among the strongest): 2 sp
  • Pale Lager (golden color, bitter): 3 sp
  • Dark Lager (amber to red-brown, medium body, slight sweetness): 4 sp

The Hammered Hound

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