Temple of Iomedae in Hrikitoft

A stately white building with arched entrances sprawls invitingly across the grass, busy with life. A pillared courtyard with a large fountain features a statue of a woman clad in silver armor with a red cape, holding a longsword towards the heavens. Men and women in cleric’s vestments move slowly but purposefully about their tasks, and a few were seen speaking with villagers.

As you approach, a helpful gnomish acolyte with mustard yellow skin and aqua blue hair comes up to greet you. “Hello, travelers! Welcome to the temple of Iomedae and the town of Hrikitoft. Is there anything I can assist you with?”

Glandur was enamored with Dranox Arandar, and helped lead you about town and to a nice inn.

Sadly, the Glandur was found to be murdered the next day, with savage wounds and frost damage. The temple is in mourning for her, and one priestess told Poly that she suspected foul creatures from the mountains.


Cure Light Wounds (7): 36 gp
Holy Water, per vial (10): 7 gp
Neutralize Poison (1): 1,190 gp

Temple of Iomedae in Hrikitoft

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