Tag: Hrikitoft


  • Temple of Iomedae in Hrikitoft

    A stately white building with arched entrances sprawls invitingly across the grass, busy with life. A pillared courtyard with a large fountain features a statue of a woman clad in silver armor with a red cape, holding a longsword towards the heavens. Men …

  • The Tarnished Goldpiece

    The shop is a two story building of finely wrought iron, with a smooth stone floor. The interior is dimly lit by a few candles and is fairly happy. They sell mostly common adventure and common gear. Clerk who helped you: [[:dada | Dada]] Canvas …

  • The Seductive Sphinx

    The inn is a single storey timber framed building, with unusually low ceilings. Inside, the space is filled with cushions and couches, and people lounge about or drink at the the bar. There are a few women inside, but they are scantily clad and …

  • Sawyl Gimduum

    She joined the town watch after her 6 older brothers did the same thing, despite being a small woman, even by dwarves standards. She is very plucky and proactive, and warns the party about causing any trouble in the town.