Acolyte of Iomedae in Hrikitoft


A helpful gnomish acolyte with mustard yellow skin and aqua blue hair comes up to greet you. “Hello, travelers! Welcome to the temple of Iomedae and the town of Hrikitoft. Is there anything I can assist you with?”

Glandur was helpful and friendly. She seemed enamored with Drainox, and liked Poly a lot. She helped lead the party to The Hammered Hound.

Unfortunately, Glandur was horribly murdered the night after she met the party. She had grievous wounds, including frost damage. Another priestess suspects that some sort of dire creature from the frigid mountains has been driven south in search of food.


The daughter of two gnomish immigrants, Glandur was a lighthearted and sweet girl. She was always trying to serve others and help travelers, and it was no surprise when she decided to go into the service of iomedae and train to be a cleric. She leaves behind 7 younger brothers and sisters. Her father died the year before, and now her mother, an old woman who is beginning to lose her sanity and ability to work, is left to be the sole provider for her 7 children.


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