The Rightful King of Gondal

Sawyer's Lane

Gatehouse --> Crossroads

Continuing down Sawyer’s Lane, the party found themselves in a small mining town mostly made up of dwarves, gnomes, and the occasional human. They saw various buildings that seemed to double as houses for craftsman and shops for their wares. They passed a tailor, a buck maker, and a few nondescript houses.

Up to their right, they saw a single story timber framed building with several leaded glass windows. The sign in front said Naga’s Oddities.

They passed between many houses before coming upon a two story timber famed building with a sign that read The Seductive Sphinx. Even at this hour, they could hear what seemed to be drunken laughter and revelry emendating from within.

They saw a smaller, dirt road named Archill Avenue cross their path. At this crossroads, several busy shops were bustling: Nell’s Herbs, Adney’s Scriptorium, The Crystal Coin, and The Hammered Hound.


AtiyanaHalfelven AtiyanaHalfelven

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