The Rightful King of Gondal

Rehill Keep Delve

Rehill keep is an old stone structure that hasn’t been properly tended to in generations. The local people avoid the old building because they believe that strange monsters inhabit it’s shadowy recesses. Nearly falling down in places, the keep only has one entrance and no windows…

The party entered the keep from the sole entrance and crept carefully down a long hallway, lighting the way with a torch. They hit a t-bone intersection and saw a wooden door to each side. Eager to begin their quest, Cardinal suggested that they take the door to the left, as he always does. Kanna opened the door and triggered a fireball trap. Luckily, every member of the party managed to crouch near the wall when it happened, and most were just singed. Poly, having an intense fear of fire, fled the keep at this point, and it took several minutes of soothing by Dranox Arandar to get her to re-enter the keep.

When they finally entered the room, they found that it was empty except for an iron door to the South and a wooden door to the East. This time wary of traps, Kanna carefully checked the south door, and found that a thunderstone mine had been placed under the door. Carefully, she managed to not only disarm the trap, but safely remove the mine without damaging it.

Continuing South through the iron door, they found themselves in a huge, cavernous room, empty except for a stone sarcophagus in the southwest corner of the room. On top of the sarcophagus lay a ring of keys that Dranox Arandar quickly pocketed. Every member of the party readied themselves for whatever could be in the tomb, and Kanna noticed that it was not covered in dust like the rest of the room. Opening the sarcophagus, it slid open easily to reveal that it was completely empty except for a few tattered rolls of linen.

There were two exits to the south of the room, an archway and a wooden door. Before the party decided to move carefully through the archway, they placed the thunderstone mine in front of the wooden door. Moving into a tiny room through the archway, they found themselves in a small room with 11 zombies! The small space reeked of rotting flesh, and the zombies began to swarm as soon as they saw the flickering light of the party’s torches. Luckily, Kanna and Cardinal made quick work of the zombies, even making mince meat out of one. They found no loot on their bodies other than the torn remains of whatever clothing they had been wearing.

The party decided to go back to the cavernous room and remove the trap that they had placed in front of the southern door. Poly and Kanna worked together to shove open the door, which was stuck. When they entered the room beyond the door, they found themselves in a room with another sarcophagus. When they opened this one, they found a mummy inside! Though a grueling battle, they eventually slew the mummy and gained access to the treasure that it had hidden in it’s tomb. Inside the sarcophagus, they found:

Mummy’s Treasure
  • 2pp
  • 61gp
  • Wand of Cause Fear (CL 5, 28 charges) 620 gp
    • The wand measures 14 inches/36 cm and has intricate carvings on its handle. The particular strand of Baobab Wood used in this wand is not very common, which means the wand won’t be one of the cheaper types and dragon bone is quite rare as well, resulting in a very valuable wand.
  • Scroll of Protection from Chaos (cr, 25 gp)
  • Wand of Daze: (CL 5, 33 charges) 48gp
    • The wand measures 14 inches/36 cm and has a fairly plain look. The particular strand of Hickory Wood used in this wand is very common, which helps reduce the production cost of the wand and werewolf tail hair is quite common as well, resulting in a cheap, but reliable type of wand.

Apart from the sarcophagus, there was only another stone door in the room, heading off to the East. The door was locked, but the keys that Drainox found in the other room easily unlocked the door. They traveled down a long, dark hallway until they found another room, this one made for an interesting scene. A mural of vile acts covered the ceiling, and a pile of corroded iron spikes lay in the north-east corner of the room. There was what appeared to be a stone alter with a small woman laying unconscious upon it.

An alluring, raven-haired beauty, sexier than Dranox Arandar himself, casually wiped a trickle of blood from a pale cheek, then smiled to reveal needle-sharp fangs. The party sprung into action, but the vampire had lightening sharp reflexes. Before the party could react, she let out a pricing howl, and the party watched helpless as the portcullis on the other side of the room slowly lifted to reveal the eyes of half a dozen wolves. The wolves surrounded the party, taking up most of their focus in combat. Dranox Arandar managed to create a pit underneath the vampire, but she used her spider climb ability to quickly scale the walls and escape, watching the scene unfold with a smile of dark glee.

Looking over at Cardinal’s furious attacks against her wolves, the vampire tried to catch his eye and dominate his mind. However, Cardinal’s mind was stronger than the seductress’s wiles, and he shouted “I’ve turned down wenches prettier than you!” before continuing to slaughter her minions. Realizing that her seduction techniques weren’t working, the vampire resort to hurling bolts of scorching flames at the warriors, focusing on the spearman who had the gall to reject her advances.


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