The Rightful King of Gondal

Approaching Hrikitoft

Sawyer's Lane

As the party walks through the trees, the path became straighter and better up-kept. The trees began to fan out, and they saw that the road was heading into a large stone wall. Modest houses began to dot the road as they approached the small town.

Other than the occasional houses that seemed to be owned by ordinary laborers and families, a large ornate structure caught their eye. On the left side of the road, a stately white building with arched entrances sprawled invitingly across the grass, busy with life. A pillared courtyard with a large fountain featured a statue of a woman clad in silver armor with a red cape, holding a longsword towards the heavens. Men and women in cleric’s vestments moved slowly but purposefully about their tasks, and a few were seen speaking with villagers.

Closer to the wall, the party saw a shop with the sign “The Tarnished Gold Piece”, which seemed to be a shop for general adventuring supplies.

As the party approached the moderate stone wall, they saw that the entrance to the city was guarded by a squat stone gate house.

A townwatch-woman, Sawyl Gimduum (female dwarf) stands by the open gate (portcullis raised). She will stop the party and ask their business in town. Respectful and businesslike, she won’t give the party much of a hassle, but warns them not to start any trouble.


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